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"Best computer coin inventory program I have found... Coin Elite"
David L. Ganz, President A.N.A.* COINage Magazine
COIN ELITE for Windows offers a powerful built-in Inventory Folder Browse that allows you to add, view and edit coins for every Coin Type ( ie. Barber Dimes, Buffalo Nickels etc).
The Inventory Folder Browse is where you add, delete or change information about your coins. The Inventory Folder Browse lets you add coins to your inventory (Add Coins feature) from our built-in descriptions and values by clicking on a date and a grade(see Automatic Typing feature). Coin Elite also has a way to manually add coins which is useful for adding world coins or rare varieties.

Multiple sets or albums of a single Coin Type are easily created and listed with their own tabs for easy organization. In this example we have created two sets(or albums) called Raw and Slabbed. When the tab is clicked on Coin Elite will show the coins associated with that tab.
The Editor Browse allows you to add, delete, sort, query, print, summarize for either all coins in the coin type or for just a particuar set. You may also scan in your own pictures for each coin plus many other features.
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