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Nov. 2018 Market Value Updates for Coin Elite

The Market Value Updates keep you at your current version of Coin Elite and gives you all new coins and values. Giving you the ability to enter new coins using our Built-in descriptions and reevaluating your collection with the new values.

We will need to know the version number of Coin Elite you currently have on your computer.
If you are not sure you can get the information on how to find your version number... HINT... it's NOT the product code number that starts with 100......NOTICE..You must have Coin Elite version 13.0 or newer to order the Power Option. it will not work with older programs

U.S. Regular Issues & U.S. Commemoratives($15+$4 S&H)
U.S. Regular Issues & U.S. Commemoratives & Power Option($20+$4 S&H)

The Power Option gives you free downloads to any changes we make to the values and new coins until Dec. 31st 2018

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