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Coin Elite 18.77 Starting Over

This is where you buy Coin Elite 18.77 for Starting Over with the Dec. 2018 coins and values. We do NOT need your version number but we will have to verify that you have owned Coin Elite before. If you have moved since your last contact with us we will need your old address (as best as can be remembered). At the end of the order at the check out page there is a place to let us know your old address.

Coin Elite 18.77 with Dec. 2018 US coins - $49.00+$4 S&H

Coin Elite 18.77 with Dec. 2018 US and Canadian Coins - $64+$4 S&H

Coin Elite 18.77 with Dec. 2018 US, Canadian and Mexcian - $79+$4 S&H

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