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"Best computer coin inventory program I have found... Coin Elite"
David L. Ganz, President A.N.A.* COINage Magazine
Some Helpful Features
  • Three pre-designed databases with built-in descriptions, market values and mintage values. (US, Canadian, Mexican )(more coming soon)
  • Inventories any kind of coin
  • Market Value Updates for U.S., Canadian and Mexican Coins available twice a year.
  • Free database for WORLD coins that can inventory any kind of coin or other collectibles.
  • Prints written reports for investing, tax, insurance and estate planning. Also prints information to screen or files.
  • Includes a Report Designer that gives you complete control of how your reports look and what information is printed in each report.
  • Allows multiple entries of any coin, sets, coin types and collections. Flexible coin entry, grading and pricing.
  • Manages different Collections.
  • Special features for cataloging and inventorying type sets.
  • Allows Query-By-Example (QBE) for reporting, summarizing and editing of coins.
  • Financial Summaries automatically compute bottom-line values for coin types, denominations and entire collections. Includes values for; # of coins, total value, total cost, average value, average cost, profit in dollars and profit %.
  • Set Feature easily categorizes multiple sets of same Coin Type (i.e. different sets of Morgan Dollars)
  • Prints labels of any size with any information.
  • Includes pictures of all U.S. coin types.
  • Allows you to scan your coins from inside Coin Elite and enter pictures of your coins into Coin Elite.
  • CD-ROM version includes Photo-Realistic Grading Pictures and information for late 19th and 20th century coins in grades AG-3 through Mint State.
  • Built-in Image Editor allows you to edit any image (bmp, jpg, tiff ). Zoom, size. color control, brightness, contrast and special effects.
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