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"Best computer coin inventory program I have found... Coin Elite"
David L. Ganz, President A.N.A.* COINage Magazine
COIN ELITE at a Glance

Now 2022 version 19.82 available with Photo-Realistic U.S. Grading Pictures!!!

COIN ELITE is a computer coin inventory software package that has been rated #1 in every magazine review for over 30 years, and we are still improving it. COIN ELITE is the perfect tool for inventorying and analyzing your entire coin collection. Use its automatic typing and pricing features for the fastest method of entering and updating your coins or use its manual features for the most flexibility in database management.

COIN ELITE comes in two different versions:

  1. With Built-in Descriptions and Market Values
  2. With Built-in Description but without Market Values

COIN ELITE can print and design reports and summarize all or part of your collection. Financial Summaries and Reports can calculate total coins, total value, total cost, averages, percent of profit and loss and dollar profit or loss.

COIN ELITE offers three pre-designed databases (countries) with built-in descriptions (e.g. Lincoln Wheat Back 1909 S VDB) and market values for US, Canadian, and Mexican coins (other countries are in development). The built-in descriptions can be used as templates to reduce the amount of time spent typing in and/or pricing your coins. The built-in descriptions DO NOT limit what coins you can inventory, you can manually enter any coin you want. The pre-designed databases with their built-in descriptions simply assist you in typing in your coins. You can also use the built-in descriptions to type in multiple entries of the same coin (with different grades or other information that makes each coin unique) as many times as you want.

COIN ELITE can inventory any kind of coin, world, ancients, or bullion. COIN ELITE contains a FREE database for world coins that can inventory any kind of coin or other collectible. See World Coins.

If you are unsure whether you need additional pre-designed databases, we recommend that you buy COIN ELITE with one database (US, Canadian or Mexican) Once you are familiar with COIN ELITE, you can decide if you need or want any additional pre-designed databases. Additional pre-designed databases can be purchased at any time. Many times it is not necessary to order the additional as the world coin database can inventory anything.

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