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"Best computer coin inventory program I have found... Coin Elite"
David L. Ganz, President A.N.A.* COINage Magazine
Grading Pictures and Information
Includes Built-in Image Editing program


COIN ELITE for Windows offers built-in photo-realistic grading pictures for late 19th and 20th century coins. It also includes text information for all coin types. All pictures are professionally photographed and scanned in at over 2000 optical DPI for unbelievable detail. Free with the CD-ROM version of COIN ELITE!!

Also offered as a stand alone program (20th Century Grading CD-ROM) for only $25.00 !

Includes Pictures for Obverse and Reverse for grades AG-3 through Mint State for:

Small Cents Indian Head, Lincoln Wheat & Memorial
Nickels Liberty Head, Buffalo, and Jefferson
Dimes Barber, Mercury, Roosevelt
Quarters Barber, Standing Liberty, Washington
Half Dollars Barber, Liberty, Franklin, Kennedy
Dollars Morgan, Peace, Eisenhower

Each Obverse and Reverse can be enlarged to any size using the Image Editing Feature provided with Coin Elite.

Compare to the A.N.A. Grading CD-ROM
Scanned Optical DPI Over 2000 300
Color YES B & W
Average Image Size 900 to 1000K 70 TO 280K
Best Display (color and image type) 16,000,000 JPG 256 BMP
Zoom Pictures to Any Size YES NO
Scan in Your Coins for Side by Side Comparison YES NO
View as Many Grades Next to Each Other as You Want YES NO
View as Many Grades Next to Each Other as You Want YES NO
Includes Image Editing Program which allows you to adjust sharpness, contrast and color for any picture YES NO
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