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"Best computer coin inventory program I have found... Coin Elite"
David L. Ganz, President A.N.A.* COINage Magazine
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"Best computer coin inventory program that I have found: Coin Elite"
-David L. Ganz - President American Numismatic Association* - COINage Magazine

"Having tried other commercially available coin programs. . .I can honestly say that Coin Elite is by far the most economical, versatile and user-friendly program"
-Treasure Facts Magazine

"Quality Software. . .the program is intuitive. . .meets the needs of. . .the novice to the dealer"
-Coins Magazine

"Coin Elite is an amazingly simple program to use that provides you with an extremely powerful tool to keep track of all the coins in your collection. The program was addictive once you start entering coins, you won't want to stop"
"Having used the other commercially available programs over the years as well as having tried to develop a database myself, I would strongly recommend Coin Elite. . .order a copy of this exceptional program!"

-Treasure Facts Magazine -

"Installation of CE(Coin Elite) is a snap, and. . .it is menu driven. In other words, CE is easy to get into and use"
-Coins Magazine -

"This remarkable software (remarkable because it does so much, yet is available for as little as $59) allows you inventory your collection, find recent prices for your coins by grade and produce useful reports. . ."
"Of course the true test of any program is its ability to generate reports. A variety of ready-to-go reports is available from CE(Coin Elite). These include a list of all the coins you own, the coins you've sold and the coins needed to complete a collection"
"Put it all together and 'Coin Elite' is a program that which allows you to quickly and easily create an inventory of your collection. . . ."

-COINage Magazine -

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