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"Best computer coin inventory program I have found... Coin Elite"
David L. Ganz, President A.N.A.* COINage Magazine
Automatic Typing
with Built-in Descriptions and Values
Saves Hours of Typing

COIN ELITE for Windows offers four database with built-in descriptions and retail market values. COIN ELITE for Windows used these descriptions and values as templates to eliminate much of the tedious typing when entering your coins.

There are three ways to add coins into your inventory using the built-in descriptions. You may select which feature you want to use by clicking on the appropriate Option.

Selected Coins

The Selected Coin feature allows you to scan a list of built-in coin descriptions for a given Coin Type. As a coin's description is selected, the built-in values for each grade will be displayed below. To add a coin, simply click on the grade. COIN ELITE for Windows will create a coin entry into your inventory and place the description, grade and value into the proper fields. Then you can enter additional information into the other fields. You can add coins with the same description unlimited times. If you are entering several coins that contain common information such as date bought, dealer, etc., a Template Feature is also included that will type in the template information for you as you add your coins.

Group Entry - Entire Coin Type

The Group Entry - Entire Coin Type feature allows you to enter all coins of a coin type with a common grade. You may then customize or delete any coin you wish. The Template Feature is also available.

Selected Range

The Selected Range feature allows you to enter a range of coins (1910 to 1915) in the current coin type. The Template Feature is also available.

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