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"Best computer coin inventory program I have found... Coin Elite"
David L. Ganz, President A.N.A.* COINage Magazine
Market Value Updates at Glance

COIN ELITE offers Market Value Updates twice a year in Jan and July. The Value Updates are used to re-evaluate your collections worth by providing new market values for each coin. When you purchase Coin Elite it comes with the latest updates built-in. If you purchase Coin Elite 2 months before the next update you will receive that update free.

Price of updates:
US Regular Issues and US Commemoratives - $15
Canadian - $15
Mexican - $15

You only buy them whenever you want. You can even skip several updates if you want to. Each update is complete and contains any new coins plus new values for each coin. Once you have received the new update files, COIN ELITE can then go through your collection coin by coin and provide new values for your coins. You can even decide which coins you want COIN ELITE to update and which coins you want to do yourself. Updates can be ordered from the web or you can call us.

Questions and Answers

Q. Will I have to re-enter my collection if I buy a Market Value Update?
A. NO ! None of our Market Value Updates ( or program upgrades for that matter) require you to re-enter your coins. COIN ELITE is smart enough to leave your inventory intact.

Q. If I don't buy an update for a few years will I have to pay extra for those I didn't buy just to get current?
A. NO ! Each Market Value Update is complete and can make you current no matter how long its been since your last update.

Q. Can I order the Market Value Updates on the web?
A. Yes. You can place your order on the web and we can either send you a CD.

Q. Where do you get your values?
A. The market values are retail and are gathered from a number of sources.

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