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"Best computer coin inventory program I have found... Coin Elite"
David L. Ganz, President A.N.A.* COINage Magazine
Main Menu

The Main Menu is where you start with COIN ELITE. It offers many convienent features with the standard menu bar at the top and many of the most frenquently used features are conveniently located in the Main Options tree
The Main Options tree provides easy access to several frequently used features.
The File Cabinet Explorer allows you to change to different countries or collections

A list of some of the short-cut Options appears below:

Main Menu

Create and Main Inventory
Clicking on this option displays the Inventory Selection Menu. This where you will do most of your work adding your coins and making changes to coins already entered.

User Created Type Sets
This feature allows you to easily create and manage Type Sets. ( where you would have one coin of each coin type). You can create as many sets as you wish.

View All Coins in Current Drawer
Clicking on this option displays all the coins you have entered. You can view, query, sort and summarize any way you wish.

Financial Summaries
Displays or prints the summarized values for each coin type, denomination or entire database.

Options are 1. The Reporter Option Window for printing all or some of your current collection and 2. Report Designer where you can disign how your reports looks

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