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Moving to a new computer.
HINT.. Don't get rid of the old computer until everything is on the new computer.

There are four situations when moving to a new computer and buying an upgrade:

1. Copying the old information to the new computer and you are able to install the old Coin Elite on the new computer

2. Starting over completely without saving any information from the older version

3. Moving to a new 64 bit Windows 10, Windows.1, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 or Vista and the old Coin Elite will not install

4. The Coin Elite version is so old that you can't get it on the new computer( DOS versions or program going back to mid 1990)

1.Copying the old information to the new computer
If you are moving to a new computer and you can install the old program and you want to have your old information inside the new version, there are certain things you must do. The old Coin Elite and your data MUST be on the new computer before installing the upgrade. NOTICE You will need the full install product code number to install the full program, the upgrade code 10045000 CAN NOT install the full program, if you can't find the full install code please contact us so we can get it to you, it should start with 10034 etc. If you can find it There are three steps to this:

A. The old program MUST be installed on the new computer. It is not enought to just copy over some files or the CE Folder. You must install the old Coin Elite on the new computer the way you did on the first computer with the program CD and the full install product code.
B. If you have created extra collections ( Now called File Cabinets) on the old machine, you MUST create the collections on the new machine. i.e. if you have a total of 5 collections on the old machine then you will need to create 4 more collections( installing Coin Elite creates the first one)
C.Move your information form the old computer to the new one. Versions 8.x or newer of Coin Elite has it's own BACKUP and RESTORE features that can do this for you. The BACKUP will copy your information to a diskette or removable drive, the RESTORE feature copies the information form the diskette or removable drive and copy it into Coin Elite. Therefore use the BACKUP feature on the old computer, take the disk to the new computer, and do a RESTORE on the new computer. That should do it. Once Coin Elite and your data is on the new computer you can install the upgrade.

2. Starting over completely
If you want to start over completely with the new version of Coin Elite and are not concerned with saving any old information then simply type in STARTING OVER where the order form asks for your version number. We will send you the full program for the upgrade price of $49.00.

3. Moving to 64 bit Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista with older Coin Elite versions earlier or less than Version 14.5
Older versions of Coin Elite will not install onto 64 bit Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista, so you will have to buy an upgrade that will install the whole program ( see our ugrade options under the 64 Bit Option). Once the new version is on the new 64 bit computer if your coin elite version is 11.01 or newer you can use Coin Elites' backup and restore feature to transfer your coin inventory. If it is an ealier version 10.5 or earlier, then you'll have to call us so we can convert your information so it will go into the new program.

4. Really old Coin Elites that will not install on the bew computer
read what we said above for 64 bit computer, same rules apply. Coin Elites' new version will run on any Windows operating system ( 32 or 64 bit)
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