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Finding the current version number of Coin Elite
Just as a car as a make and model, Coin Elite has version numbers, these look like 13.5, 11.01,7.05, 14.5 etc. The product code number you got with the CD that starts with 100... is NOT the version number. If you still need help after reading this call us at 913-642-9401 when you can be at your computer and we will assist you.

If Coin Elite is on your computer and able to run.

1. Start Coin Elite, at the top of the first screen you will see a menu:

File Inventory Reporter Summary Update Values Reference Help

2. Click on Help and a menu will drop down, the last item will say About Coin Elite (or About).

3. Click on the last irem About Coin Elite (or About) and the screen with the version number will appear.

If you have a much earlier version of Coin Elite then the very first screen will have the version number displayed on it.

If you do not currently have Coin Elite installed then here's some other ways by checking the disks

A. If you have a CD (it's round)
The plastic case that the CD came with should have a little white label on it saying Coin Elite version" the version number would be next.
IF you do not have the plastic case or the case does not have a label then use the steps below
1. Insert the CD into the computer and close the door
2. Click on the Start button, Click on My Computer and the name of the CD should appear i.e.COINElite14.5 or CoinElite12.2, it's the number we need to know
3. If you have Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 or Vista, then the Autoplay Window will appear in about 30 seconds and tell you, OR if you have a very old version of Windows then My Computer icon will be on the desktop

B. If you have Disketts (they're square)
1. Find the first disk label Program disk, it'll say either Coin Elite for Windows or Coin Elite for DOS, IBM compatible
2. If it says Coin Elite for Windows, then you most likely have the versions 6.0 to 10.52
3. If it says Coin Elite for DOS, IBM compatible, that's all you need to know, it's a DOS version.
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